Transferring DVLA Registrations

Few things are more exciting than purchasing a personally appealing, aesthetically pleasing Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) number plate. From dateless plates to suffix plates and several other types in between, each number plate’s characteristics and history afford vehicles (and vehicle owners) a chance to tell a story and stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.


And while transferring a DVLA number plate is hardly impossible, there’s a bit more to the process than physically installing the plate.


The following information will help DVLA number plate customers and owners to promptly transfer their plates, thereby making it easier and quicker to get on the road.


Transferring Number Plates: Identifying the Proper Forms and Various Options

To transfer an existing number plate directly to a different vehicle or to a retention certificate, one must fill out and submit a V317 form.


Stated concisely, V317 forms are the DVLA documents used to transfer registration marks, and each form consists of two options.


Option A encompasses transferring an already-installed number plate to a different vehicle, whereas Option B allows any number plate owner to transfer his or her plate to a V778 Retention Certificate. Each option costs £80.00.


Option A is ideal for number plate owners who’ve purchased (or are thinking of purchasing) a vehicle and wish to equip it with an existing number plate. Option B is useful if one intends to maintain a number plate as a short/long term investment, intends to sell a number plate, or doesn’t want to part with or immediately install a number plate.


In another guide, we’ve described the ins and outs of retaining number plates; don’t hesitate to consult this information if you need help holding onto your number plate with a V778 Retention Certificate. But if you’re a number plate customer and are considering purchasing and installing a plate, you’ll need to know the transfer process’s details.


Completing the Number Plate Transfer Process

Once you’ve invested in a SwiftReg number plate (assuming you’ve decided against letting us handle the transfer process), you’ll receive the either a V750 Certificate of Entitlement if the registration you purchased is from government unissued stock or V778 Retention Certificate.


As was indicated, this document simply signifies ownership of a previously issued number plate. (V750 Certificates of Entitlement demonstrate ownership of newly issued DVLA number plates; these number plates can be attached to vehicles using the same method as for the V778.)


To transfer a V778 or V750’s associated number plate to a vehicle, you’ll need to visit the DVLA website or fill out and mail several forms. Predictably, the former is easier and more straightforward.


For online transfers, the target vehicle’s V5C (logbook) Registration Certificate and the number plate’s V778 Retention Certificate/V750 Certificate of Entititlementare required. In summary, you’ll need to enter the registration number, the V5C Registration Certificate document reference number, post information, and several specifics from the V778/V750.


After that, the transfer process will be complete. Customers will also have the option of printing an EV948 Certificate, which can be utilized to purchase replacement (newly manufactured) number plates.


Alternatively, completing the number plate transfer process by post entails sending either a V750 or a V778 away, along with a V5C or a V62 Certificate, which is used to request replacement V5C documents from the DVLA.


The Bottom Line: Why It's Worthwhile to Trust SwiftReg with Number Plate Forms

As mentioned initially, there’s more to the DVLA number plate transfer process than simply installing plates. And if the provided information seems overly complex, or if you’d rather not struggle with the multifaceted procedure, rest assured that we will be happy to help.


At SwiftReg, the customer always comes first, and our team of dedicated, knowledgeable number plate professionals are standing by to help transfer number plates.


Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns, and here’s to making the number plate of your dreams a reality.

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