DVLA Number Plates

DVLA number plates, also referred to as DVLA vehicle identification plates or simply number plates, are government-issued 520 mm by 111 mm perspex signs that feature unique combinations of numbers and letters and that are used to identify vehicles.  


Today’s DVLA number plates adhere to the current style formatting, which debuted in 2001. Current style number plates consist of seven characters: two letters, two numbers, and three final letters. Moreover, drivers have the option of assigning their vehicles cherished number plates, pre-1963 number plates that don’t include age identifiers and that have been “cherished” from generation to generation; or private number plates, which boast personally significant number-letter combinations, typically spelling names, initials, places, words, or phrases. 


Additionally, suffix number plates, prefix number plates, and Northern Ireland number plates, which are described below, provide motorists with different ways yet to help their vehicles stand out.  


There’s an ideal DVLA number plate for every driver–and every automobile–in the UK, and with the help of a trustworthy company like SwiftReg, finding the most personally appealing plate is a matter of searching, breezing through a secure checkout process, and (briefly) waiting for a package to arrive on the doorstep.


Is it legal to buy and use DVLA number plates?

Absolutely. The DVLA fully endorses the buying and selling of number plates; linking a newly acquired DVLA number plate to a vehicle is a matter of completing a few simple forms. (For a small fee, SwiftReg professionals will be happy to handle this paperwork.) 


However, one main rule governs DVLA number plate transfers: Number plates cannot be used to make older vehicles appear newer. 


For instance, assigning a 2020 number plate to a 2015 car is prohibited. Based on the number plate’s age identifier, future buyers could be made to think that they were receiving a 2020 automobile, and this belief would presumably affect the sales price.


As the vast majority of DVLA number plate buyers intend to do the opposite–assign an older plate to a newer vehicle–they haven’t anything more than the mentioned forms to concern themselves with, legality-wise.


Why is SwiftReg the best place to buy DVLA number plates? 

For a few key reasons, SwiftReg is far and away the best place to buy DVLA number plates. 


First, we offer a tremendous selection of over 50 million DVLA number plates. Our well-organized website and state-of-the-art search function make it easy to browse and filter these options. 


Next, our customer service is unparalleled. From questions about DVLA number plates themselves to questions about ordering, as well as everything in between, kind, attentive associates are always willing to help and are never more than a phone call or an email away. 


Last but certainly not least, we take pride in each component of the DVLA number plate purchasing process. Our prices are affordable, our packaging is without fault, and our delivery services are expedient. The SwiftReg shopping experience is in a league of its own, and the sooner you place an order, the sooner you can see what all the hype is about. 


Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about DVLA number plates, and we’re looking forward to making your dream number plate a reality. 


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